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Kicking batshit loons to the curb

And by loonatics I mean the politicized evangelicals who aim to Talibanize* women’s lives and send the American education system into the stone-age; and let me add to that, the neocons who’ve whored for their votes and financial support for the past six years, so I’m thrilled the Democrats steamrolled the Republicans in the midterms.

The biggest enemy of the human race and the planet along with war-mongering heads of state and corporate greed is religious fundamentalism. Only the well and truly fucked in the head speak in tongues, believe the earth was created 6000 years ago and host purity balls. There’s no appreciable difference between the Christian right and Islamic fundamentalists and the sooner we get that through our thick skulls and put the assholes in their place the better.

*In some states it’s impossible to get the morning after pill (because pharmacists have decided to prescribe according to their religious convictions, and it’s become next to impossible to get a legal abortion without having to step through hordes of placard waving harpies screaming “murderer!” The meddling of religious lunatics in the Terry Schiavo case had me through the roof with incendiary rage.